"Fitness is not a destination. It's a way of life."

Studio Darci: the most effective and time-efficient workout, rooted in a passion for personalized fitness. 

Designed for every body, Studio Darci provides workouts that are tailored to each client. Darci analyzes every individual’s needs to help them solidify their personal goals. Whether the client’s goal is rehabilitation, getting in shape for a movie role, training for an event, or feeling healthy, Studio Darci’s foundation is grounded in making everyone feel the best they ever have.

The Studio Darci method takes a holistic approach that can be tailored to anyone. This is a combination of the fundamentals of pilates, Board30, and powerful sculpting and toning exercises that use bodyweight, bands, weights, and more. Studio Darci incorporates all kinds of movements and tools that will leave everyone feeling strong in their bodies. Workouts include: Foundation Fundamentals, Cardio Circuits, Strength Training, Recovery, Women’s Pre + Post Natal, Booty Blaster, and Signature Board30 Workouts. Darci designs workouts that will be the most effective based on her understanding of each individual’s body. These workouts constantly evolve as the client progresses on their fitness journey. Studio Darci aims to empower men and women through a workout that leaves them feeling stronger both physically and mentally.


Darci is a certified Board30 master. Board30 is a unique approach to fitness, combining strength training, cardio & muscle lengthening. While simple in its design, the BodyBoard system offers a fun and adjustable workout for a wide-range of abilities. The unique structure and varied framework of exercise options set people up for success and is perfect for everybody. 


Let Studio Darci come to you! Over video call or in-person, experience Studio Darci in your home. Darci prides herself on teaching her clients about their special strengths and weaknesses, including optimal body alignment, form and balance, to clearly illustrate concrete progress over time. Using her holistic approach, Darci continually modifies the workouts in order to avoid the body hitting a plateau, keeping the body guessing and strengthening.


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